In addition to registering on Adderpit, you must also fill out the Student Code of Conduct Agreement. Instead of mailing this to us like in previous years, this year we are switching to online forms which you and a parent/legal guardian can fill out together. Note that when filling out the form, you must provide the email address of a parent/legal guardian. If you use your email address as that of your parent, we will reach out to you and have you refill it out. If your parents do not have an email address or you have any other questions/concerns, please reach out to us at No one will be allowed on the venue without a correctly completed Student Code of Conduct Agreement.

Student Code of Conduct Agreement:

For all other forms, including the Coach Contract required for all coaches, the Guest Contract required for all guests, and the Absence Form, fill out a printed copy and bring it with you to MIST weekend.

All other Forms: